Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here are pictures of Lindsey and I getting our last Rabies vaccine on Thursday. That was Lindsey's last vaccine before our trip; I still have to get one more. Remember - we leave around noon on July 6th so we have just a little over a week left before our departure!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

Three weeks and counting until we leave for the Philippines...

We are going to the embassy in D.C. on Friday to apply for our visas!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Just to let everyone know - if you click the "_ Comments" button next the pencil at the bottom of each post you all can leave Lindsey and I messages. So far Kelly is the only one who has done so, so we thought we would make sure everyone knew how.

We would love for everyone to comment with questions, suggestions, or even just to say hi. We hope to see some comments in the future!!!

- Ambre

Down Time

Lindsey and I are home for a two week break in between our shots. Our only really plans are to travel to D.C. to get our visas and start purchasing all the supplies we will need while we are overseas - unscented cosmetics here we come!

- Ambre

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lindsey and I accomplished lots of exciting things today!!!!

First, we went to our third vaccine appointment. Each of us got a rabies, typhoid, and chicken pox vaccine, which totaled almost $900 all together.

Plus, we purchased plane tickets!!!!!!!! This is a huge milestone for us!!!!!!!! We will be leaving July 6th from Dulles around noon. Then we fly to Tokyo, where we have a 7.5 hour layover. From there we fly to Manila. Then, we fly from Manila to Davao. Finally, we take a boat ride to the island of Samal! In total, the flight is 29 hours and 49 minutes long! Our return date is December 5th. We will be spending 152 days in the Philippines.

Fortunately, we are flying on ANA and Philippines Airlines the whole time, which have amazing reviews!

Today, we also got Dr. Sherwin to give us all the paperwork we need to apply for visas. So, when Lindsey and I go home for the next 2 weeks, we can travel to the Philippines Embassy in D.C. to get the visas approved.

More updates to come!

- Ambre