Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mystery Starfish

Guest Author: Tristan

Hey everybody! Hello from Samal Island in the Philippines!

I weathered my 30 hour journey around the world and survived with minimal jet-lag - a miracle considering I only got 7 hours of sleep over 3 days! I have been enjoying the company of our very own researchers Lindsey and Ambre as they guide me through the culture shock that is Davao. I have settled in and yesterday we explored the water nearly 1000 feet from the shoreline and discovered something new: another starfish!

We have yet to identify the species, but it looks really cool regardless.

Enjoy the photos:


  1. The starfish is quite cool. Love the mini slide show.

  2. Tristan;

    Welcome to the islands, man.

    I guess the natives are wondering were all the white flesh camr from, Ha,Ha.
    Nice photos of SF, add another to the collection.