Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So...tomorrow Lindsey and I get our first (of three) Rabies vaccine! We got our first Japanese Encephalitis vaccine on Monday...the shot didn't hurt, but the next day our arms were really sore.

Since Monday, Lindsey and I have also been working on writing our first scientific journal article on bat birth that we hope to submit and get published in a biological journal!

We are just waiting for Dr. Sherwin to get back from his trip to the Galapagos to show him all of our work!

Also, after hours of searching online we found really cheap plane tickets to the Philippines - they only cost $2043 per person. Unfortunately, there are only a few tickets left at this price, so if we can't have Dr. Sherwin book them soon we will have to pay more (like hundreds of dollars more). :(

Oh and it turns out that our friend/co-author Christianne is a talented artist so she is drawing awesome pictures of the bats that we can put in our scientific article!

That's all the new information for now. We will leave you with a picture of a lady bat and her baby bat!

- Ambre and Lindsey

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