Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy Unexpected Bat Adventure

Lindsey and I were just sitting in the cabana before dinner when one of the tour guides came up the stairs with a dead baby bat. She said that there was another baby bat down in the pavilion; it turns out that that baby was alive. While we were examining the dead bat, the live bat was brought up to the cabana. Apparently, a crow (or raven, we aren't sure which bird it is) grabbed the babies, but then dropped them afterward. We didn't really know what to do with the baby. The staff isn't able to care for orphaned/injured bats. We figured the best thing to do was to just try and put the bat back and hope that he/she will find its mom or it's able to fly, etc. I ended up walking up to entrance 1 (really scary) and was able to get the baby to grab onto the rock wall there. I don't think that the older bats appreciated my actions. Here are some pictures...


  1. Your grandmother has been desperately trying to post comments with no success. I think there is a problem with Incredimail interface. I think I have convinced her to dump Incredimail in favor of GMail, with no add ons like Incredimail.

    She wants a close-up picture of the bat that you captured in the cabanna, or close up of another bat since there is so few of them. Ha Ha
    It looks like the two of you are having fun and learning as you go. That's the way to do it, if it isn't fun then why do it.

    By the way I'm playing all of your old I-Pod music files, driving you grandmother crazy.



  2. WOW! What excitement. Cute baby bat! Bad bird! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it surveys.

  3. Grandma here; still trying to get a posting to work.

  4. Hurray, I got it to work finally. Thanks to poppy. Now I can communicate with the two of you.

  5. Well it looks like you girls are getting it together.
    Sorry about your computer, what happen?
    Today its 95 , calling for rain.

    Love Grammy

  6. Ambre,
    What happened to the computer. Your mother said it was something about BTW-rain and humidity.?

    I understand that Tristan is coming to the rescue
    for you.

    How about Lindsey's computer, any problems with hers.

    Keep us informed.


  7. Hey Grammy and Poppy! I'm so glad you were finally able to get comments to work. :)
    Turns out (keep fingers crossed) that there's nothing wrong with Rudolfo (the computer) - we thought water damage destroyed him, but after a couple days of drying he has returned to life - last night was a great night for us! Hope you are enjoying the blog. I know we look forward to posting and reading everyone's comments. The first week here was tough (esp. with me being sick) but now I'm really enjoying things. Lindsey and I sunbathed and swam in the ocean yesterday and it was really somet5hing else - I know that I am really going to miss that when I leave; luckily I still have 5 months to enjoy it.