Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Night in the Cabana

Last night was our first night in the cabana. Things started out pretty well. We had a great time exploring the property during the day but then had a brownout (like a blackout but not as long-lasting, or so we thought...) around 4:00pm. There wasn't much to do without electricity and it still wasn't working as it started to get dark outside. Our cook even had to make dinner in the dark and shine a flashlight over our plates so we could see to eat. After that, we tried to watch the bats leaving the cave but had no such luck so we gave up and went to sleep around 8:00pm. We were only able to sleep for a little while before we woke up again at 2:00am. Since the lights were working again, we walked outside only to find an infestation of wild cats on our porch. I have been doing my best to chase them out but they're excellent climbers and keep coming back through a hole in the wall. We have even seen them on the roof! Right now, it's 9:45am and we're still awake so we'll probably be in bed early again tonight. Today our plans include unpacking our bags and experimenting with our many cameras, among other things.

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  1. I know have experienced a lot since the beginning of your trip, but keep a positive outlook. I'm sure once you get settled and in a routine that things will improve. Hoping that Ambre is feeling better.