Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun and Games

Lindsey and I had some time to pass today during lunchtime so we played the classic game MASH - something neither of us has done since elementary school. In case you don't know, MASH is just a fortune-telling game.

According to MASH this is my fortune:
I am going to marry Tristan. We will live in a mansion in Mongolia. My job as an owner of a McDonald's franchise will allow me to buy a customized tie-dye Aston Martin Vanquish and support 2 children.

According to MASH this is Lindsey's fortune:
Lindsey is going to marry Will. They and their 2 children are going to live in an apartment in Scandinavia. Lindsey will become a doctor and instead of buying a new car she will keep Pepe, her Civic, and give him a new purple paint job.

Signed, The Amburglar

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