Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dulles to Tokyo

As I type, Lindsey and I are sitting at Gate 47 in Tokyo-Narita International Airport in Japan. We finally arrived in Japan at 3:30 PM on Thursday the 7th. At home it is currently 3:08 AM on the 7th! Our flight was 14 hours long.

We had 2 meals while we were aboard the ANA flight and, believe it or not, Lindsey and I actually tried everything that was given to us. Apparently, the Japanese chicken meal was very popular and the Western style seafood meal was not so Lindsey and I were asked to get seafood instead of chicken... Luckily, it turned out that there were a few chicken meals left over so we actually got to try both meal styles. The breakfast meal was really weird - it came with the standard yogurt and fruit, but then there was a mayo, lettuce, tomato, potato, and egg concoction and a sandwich which was basically chicken parmigiana between 2 slices of panini bread.

The in-flight entertainment offered LOTS of movies, but unfortunately not many of them were really good. I don't know about Lindsey, but I watched Red Riding Hood, The Bourne Identity, Ever After, The Other Boleyn Girl, and the Adjustment Bureau.

This may be our last post for a while depending on what the internet situation is like once we arrive in the Philippines.

Here are some nifty pictures of our trip thus far....


  1. Glad to hear that the flight turned out to be okay. Love the pix. I'm still trying to figure out the rest room photo.


    You tried everything ay? How was it? You failed to include a description of your gourmet adventure.

  3. I can't believe you were in Japan! And now the Philippines!! I'm officially living vicariously through you. Weren't we both supposed to be doing this?? MIss you!

  4. I know right! It's pretty crazy. We are all by ourselves (which we actually like) in Norma's cabana. We have a cook and someone to do our laundry. There are no walls and stuff except in the bedrooms so birds and bats just fly through the building. Plus Norma has 2 dobermans here that I have already fallen in love with. The only thing we have mixed feelings about are the 3 men that live in the building next to us. They take care of the property and it's nice to know that they will keep intruders out, keep us company, and teach us some of their language, but its also kind of intimidating to be 2 girls around three grown men we don't know and can hardly understand.