Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet Our New Pet!

Since our arrival, Ambre and I have been observing the many animals living around us. There are dogs, birds, geckos, and cats among other things. Originally, we were dealing with cats fighting on the roof, living under the floor boards, and pulling out our trash. We did what we could to fix the problem but by now we are learning to embrace it. One amazing cat in particular has caught our attention. It seems that he got into a pretty serious fight sometime during the last week. He has the most pathetic meow and even I feel sorry for him. For a few days he walked around limping on only three of his legs. This is how he earned his name- Tripod. We are presently in a downward spiral. It all started when we decided to stop chasing him out of the house. Before we knew it we were giving him our leftovers, including part of the roasted chicken we had for dinner tonight. However, Ambre's case seems to be more severe than mine because she has somehow convinced herself that it is okay to touch his tail and scratch him through her bath robe. We know that Niki would not be proud since we have clearly broken her "touch nothing, feed nothing" rule but all of the other cats pick on him and we cannot help ourselves. He is getting a little friendly and we are trying to teach him about boundaries but right now he is very busy hunting for geckos.


  1. I would like it known that I most certainly am not allowing myself to take serious risks. I don't plan on petting tripod on a regular basis and I most certainly have not forgotten about rabies. As painful as it is, I will refrain from getting close enough to a rabies vector animal for its saliva, blood, etc. to get anywhere near me. :) You have no idea how hard it is to practically ignore Norma's two purebred, beautiful dobermans!